It is a collection of similar types of data elements in a single entity. When we require 'n' number of values of the same data type, then recommended creating an array.

goto is a keyword, by using this we can pass the control anywhere within the program. When the goto statement is found then control of the program immediately transfers to the label where it then starts executing code.

All variable in the C programming has a declared data type. Every data type in C needs a certain amount of memory and has some precise operations that can be conducted over it.

Break statement is used inside the loops and switch cases statement. Break statement is used to terminate the loop immediately. If a break statement is found inside a loop, the control instantly comes out of the loop.

Loops play important role in programming. Loops come into usage when there is a requirement to continuously run a block of statements.

Operators in any computer language are the symbols that perform a specific task in the program and based on the number of operands they are classified into the following categories.
The C language consists of three types of operators – Unary, Binary, and Ternary operators.

C programming language is called middle-level programming language because it can support high-level language features in the combination of assembling language also. To develop a C program some basic components are required those are called characteristics of C.

Storage classes of C provide the following information to the compiler:

  • Storage area of a variable 
  • Scope of the variable (Visibility of a variable)
  • life of a variable (How long that variable will be there in active mode)
  • Default value of a variable