I am a software engineer working in the semiconductor industry.
Tutorialadda is an educational website that aims to improve your technical skills in the Embedded Linux domain.
I share my knowledge on Linux Device Driver, System Programming, and Yocto Project.
I understand the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge so I cover the important aspect of both that will help a lot in your technical skill development.
I publish the articles on the following topics:

    • I publish articles on Yocto Project which is the most popular build framework to create Linux images for target boards. when we work on the board bring up(Beaglebone black, RaspberryPi) then it helps to create images for these boards.
    • Program Debugging is a very important role in the software industry. so I explain GDB with a simple example.
    • Most asked interview questions on the Yocto Project and Embedded Linux.
    • Articles on Git and Github

Tutorialadda helps all of you