Common issues during Yocto build work and Embedded Linux

I got some issues during the Yocto build so I have listed those issues and provided solutions to resolve those issues here.

Yocto Project takes few hours to complete the build process. Build time depends on your host PC CPU core and internet speed.
bitbake uses parallelism during the build process and this variable BB_NUMBER_THREADS is used to define the maximum number of the tasks run parallel during the build process.

This error is very common in Yocto Project when we start the build. This error occurs due to the following reasons

  • We stop the bitbake build abruptly or close the bitbake terminal accidentally.
  • bitbake works properly, some packages need to install on the host PC sometimes it is missing.

ERROR:Unable to start bitbake server (False)

This fetcher issue comes during the bitbake running to build the image. When bitbake tried to fetch the source package from the URL and that time package host server is down then this fetcher issue occurs.

ERROR: attr-native-2.4.47-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: ''. Unable to fetch URL from any source.

You encounter this error when you run Bitbake to start the build process.

ERROR: OE-core's config sanity checker detected a potential misconfiguration. Either fix the cause of this error or at your own risk disable the checker (see sanity.conf).

You are getting this error when you want to run the QEMU Image on the host system. 

ERROR - Failed to run qemu: X Error: BadValue