A Complete Tutorial on Yocto Project, Embedded Systems, and Embedded Linux 

This site contains stuff related to Yocto Project, Embedded Systems, and  Embedded Linux. It helps to gain knowledge on Linux build systems (Yocto), Linux internals, and interview questions.

This blog divides into two sections, the first part is all about the Yocto Project and its major components. In the second part, I will cover the Embedded Linux topics and Interview questions related to Embedded Systems. 

Yocto is the most popular build system in the Embedded Linux world and it is an open-source project which is supported by the majority of the semiconductor vendors. through this blog, you will learn the Yocto Project build process and how to customize the Linux image for your target hardware.
I am using beaglebone black so I build the image and provide the examples which are already tested for beaglebone black hardware which is AM335x Ti Soc.

 We use Linux source code and creates the custom Linux OS for our target boards (Embedded devices) and this Linux OS is called an Embedded Linux. the Size of Embedded Linux OS is small as compared to X86 architecture devices (Desktop PC  ).

Yocto Tutorials
Learn about Yocto Project and its major components. Provided steps on how to create a custom Linux image using Yocto.

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This blog helps to resolve common issue occur during the Yocto build.

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Interview Questions
Common Interview questions asked From Linux Embedded and Yocto Project. this will help in your next interview

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