do_fetch: Fetcher failure Unable to fetch URL from any source.

This fetcher issue comes during the bitbake running to build the image. When bitbake tried to fetch the source package from the URL and that time package host server is down then this fetcher issue occurs.

ERROR: attr-native-2.4.47-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: ''. Unable to fetch URL from any source.

ERROR: attr-native-2.4.47-r0 do_fetch: Function failed: base_do_fetch

fetcher error in yocto

 In this blog, I will guild you on how to resolve this type of fetcher issue.


As you are seeing, bitbake unable to download this package attr-native-2.4.47-r0 from the URL because of this I am getting the fetcher issue.

you need to follow the below step to resolve any fetcher issue.

  1. You can download the package from the URL given in the logs. if the URL is not working then you can download the same package from any other link.
  2. Copy the downloaded package into the downloads directory present at here poky/build/downloads.
  3. Now run the below command to start build again.
# clean the sstate cache of the recipe
$ bitbake -fc cleanall attr-native

# Again start the build to create minimal image
$ bitbake core-image-minimal

Now the fetcher issue got resolved. these steps are valid for any package fetcher issue on Yocto.

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