Characteristics of C Language

C programming language is called middle-level programming language because it can support high-level language features in the combination of assembling language also.
To develop a C program some basic components are required those are called characteristics of C.
In the C programming language, we have six characteristics.

  1. Operator
  2. Keywords
  3. Separators
  4. Constants
  5. Predefined function
  6. Syntax



Some words are reserved in the C language which meaning is automatically recognised by the compiler in the C programming language.
There are 32 keywords present in the C language.

Example- if, else, while, break etc



It is a special kind of symbol that instructs the compiler to perform a particular operation.
In the C programming language, we are having 40 operators.

Example- +(addition), -(subtraction) , *(multiplication) etc



It is used to separate the statement in the C programming. there are 14 separators in the C language.

Example- , ; “” { } etc



In C programming, if you declare any variable is constant. it means their value does not change during the execution.


Predefined function

C provides some standard function called predefined function. These pre-defined functions are used for a specific task.

Example- printf, scanf etc



It means we have to follow some rules during writing the C code.
semicolon; used to terminate the statement in the C program