Bitbake Commands

Bitabke is a build-engine in Yocto Project which helps to build the custom image for your target boards
We can perform various things using the bitbake commands so in this tutorial, I am providing the useful bitbake commands which help during the Yocto build.

Build recipe or image

To build any particular recipe or image, need to run the below command.

$ bitbake recipe
$ bitbake image_recipe



# To build gdb package
$ bitbake gdb

# To build basic bootable image core-minimal-image
$ bitbake core-minimal-image


Bitbake Recipe compilation command

If you want to only compile the bitbake recipe then run the below command.

$ bitbake -c compile recipe


# To only compile gdb package
$ bitbake -c compile gdb


Bitbake clean command

Suppose if you want to clean the build output of a particular recipe then you need to run the below command.

# It removes only build output files
$ bitbake -c clean recipe

# It removes all the file related to the recipe like sstate cahche and build output files.
# Next time if you rebuild the recipe then it will build from scratch. $ bitbake -c cleanall recipe


Bitbake environment and global variable

These variables help to debug the bitbake recipe

# To get output of the recipe environment variable
$ bitbake -e recipe

# Read the global variable using the below command $ bitbake -e | grep ^DISTRO_FEATURES
# Read the variable of the recipe by using the below command # Reading source location "S" variable of a recipe $ bitbake -e recipe | grep ^S

Package Dependencies List

Yocto provides the oe-depends-dot utility which helps to find out the package dependencies using the file.

# Generate file using below command
$ bitbake -g image_name

Example: # Generate file for core-minimal-image $ bitbake -g core-minimal-image
# List out the dependencies of a recipe
$ oe-depends-dot -d -k recipe

# List out the packages which have a dependency on this recipe $ oe-depends-dot -w -k recipe

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